Hi there. My name is Jennifer and I'm the creator of The Serenity Blanket. It's my mission to spread hope and encouragement throughout the world to women going through difficult times. As someone who deals with an anxiety disorder and has had a plethora of health issues, I know what it's like to not feel seen or heard. Back in 2010, a blanket was the only thing that helped me feel like someone was near. From there, The Serenity Blanket was born. Let me help wrap you in ✨HOPE✨ with a Serenity Blanket!

A percentage of every blanket purchased will help The Serenity Blanket continue to donate more blankets to individuals in need. Do you want to nominate someone for a Serenity Blanket? Send me a message at hello@theserenityblanket.com. I'd love to hear from you!

Visit me on Instagram @theserenityblanket to learn more.